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Tinkerbell Wings Drawing - Sketch the basic shape start with a circle for her head. Next, draw two curved lines extending from the sides of the circle. How to draw tinkerbell step by step easy | disney fairy | colored pencilused things :pencil : Learn how to draw tinkerbell (secret of the wings). Draw the fairy’s hair step 7: Draw two small lines for tinkerbell’s eyebrows. Draw two small lines for tinkerbell’s arms. Thursday, december 21, 2023 at 8:15 pm et. Then, draw 2 more of tinkerbell’s arms step 3: Let’s draw more eyes, nose and mouth step 9:

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Draw Two Small Circles For Tinkerbell’s Eyes.

Draw two small lines for tinkerbell’s arms. Begin by drawing a large oval for tinkerbell’s body. Draw a curved line for tinkerbell’s mouth. Then you will move on to her dress, and her wings.

Next, Draw Two Curved Lines Extending From The Sides Of The Circle.

Web how to draw a unicorn. These will be her arms. Now let’s add some detail to her face. First, draw the chest between the wings—make it big if you want to make the chest muscular/fluffy, and narrower if you want a slimmer type of phoenix.

Draw A Small Oval Beneath The Circle For Tinkerbell’s Body.

Add the lower part of the torso, smaller than the chest. For the original tutorial with speed adjustment and step by step instructions visit: Web learn how to draw a cartoon tinkerbell. Learn how to draw tinkerbell (secret of the wings).

Sketch The Basic Shape Start With A Circle For Her Head.

Web what’s the ideal technique to draw tinker bell’s wings? Draw a curved line on its chest. Begin by drawing a small circle in the center of your paper. Have you ever visited disney's fairy website?

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